About Us

Architectural Designs Built to Last

For over two decades Gavan Construction has been delivering architecturally designed homes that stand out right across Melbourne. In a market full of fantastic new construction, the homes built by the Gavan Constructions’ team are the ones that impress. We deliver large and small new home designs that lift the standard of construction on their block. See some of our recently finished projects here.

Quality Construction

From the initial location scouting, through the design and to the build of our new homes, we use only the best in everything. We believe that superior quality is a non-negotiable, so every part of a Gavan Constructions’ build is done to perfection.

Architectural Design

Gavan Construction creates truly unique home designs that make use of the available space to engender a warm and welcoming feeling in our new homes. Our new homes are designed in a range of styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional, we design homes that match the feeling of their neighbourhood while still standing out.

Timely Builds

With over 20 years of experience building new homes in Melbourne, the Gavan Construction team have perfected our build process. From beginning to end our team work incredibly efficiently to bring our homes to market on time.

Environmental Home Design

At Gavan Construction we care about the environment, so we make use of the latest building techniques and environmentally friendly design to minimise the environmental footprint of our new construction and of the homes we build. We shape our designs to the existing environment surrounding our build and incorporate the local fauna to create something truly special.

Gavan Construction is constantly working on something new, so view our upcoming projects here; you’ll surely find something that impresses.

If you’re interested in a joint venture with Gavan Construction, please contact us here.